Salus Alpha was founded in with the vision of merging the tenfold larger traditional fund world with the alternative investment fund world.  Since then Salus Alpha has established a reputation as a world leader in daily liquid alternative investments.

Salus Alpha Hong Kong is the Group's brokerage unit based in Hong Kong broking Salus Alpha products ('the securities'), which are not authorized by the SFC, to professional investors under the Securities and Futures Ordinance. Salus Alpha products satisfy institutional investors’ requirements for liquidity, safety of assets and market-independent-attractive returns.

Salus Alpha Financial Services (HK) Limited is not licensed by the SFC (Securities and Futures Commission Hong Kong).


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Salus Alpha Financial Services (HK) Limited
66th Floor, The Center
99 Queens Road Central
Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR 
Tel: +852 3960 6381
Fax: +852 3965 3222
Mail: office.hongkong @




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